Challenges in Production of Alzheimer’s Tracer C-11 PiB

Ananya Ruangma, Sritrang Panpitpat, Thanita Saonam, Suphansa Kijprayoon, Suthatip Ngokpol, Mingkan Tanasirimanon, Suwit Khajitkhajonwong, Samart Tuamputsa, Samart Rachadara, Yotin Chinvarun


Beta-amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles have been known as the neuropathologicalhallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease. 11C Pittsburgh Compound B (PiB)([C-11]PiB) is the first successful and well-studied radiopharmaceutical for PositronEmission Tomography (PET) imaging of beta-amyloid deposition in the brain. Although[C-11]PiB has been used in western countries since 2002, Wattanosoth Hospital wasthe only center with the capacity to produce [C-11]PiB in South-East Asia in 2012.This article describes briefly the challenges the PET radiopharmaceutical team atWattanosoth Hospital have been facing in the production of [C-11]PiB. It also providesa brief protocol used here for production of [C-11]PiB.

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